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Since the beginning of Indonesia in the Asian Games Not Realistic

Indonesia failed to meet the target in the Asian Games XVII / 2014 in Incheon, South Korea. Target set is considered not realistic preparation chaotic and supported here and there.

Indonesian Asian Games with no finish at number 17 with a collection of four gold medals, five silver, and 11 bronze. The results did not meet even half the targeted gold before heading to Incheon, nine gold.

Four gold was donated from the men’s doubles and women’s badminton, athletics in the long jump, and wushu. Given the target set before leaving, only badminton and wushu really meet the target. As long jump into a surprise result given Maria Natalia Londa said to livescore liga inggris.

Other branches were previously pegged gold is soft tennis, rowing, bowling, equestrian, wushu, cycling. Towards the sudden departure of beach volleyball is also lined up as a source of gold.

Not just showed disappointing results in the Asian competition, also Indonesian toothless in Southeast Asia level. Indonesia is only in the fourth. Thailand was ranked sixth being the best, which stood at 12 gold, seven silver, and 28 bronze.

Malaysia followed at No. 14 with the acquisition of five gold, 14 silver, and 14 bronze. Singapore was a trap right under Malaysia by collecting five gold, six silver, and 13 bronze.

“In my opinion it’s not missed the target, but since the beginning has been one of the estimates. They put unrealistic targets. Sometimes PB was handed a target that is not relevant and is approved as it is by Prima,” said Ivana Lie, former badminton players who also served as an expert staff minister.

Cigarettes are dangerous!

We are sure you must have memorized the inscription on the cigarette packs without the need to look again. “CIGARETTES CAN LEAD TO CANCER AND DISORDERS OF PREGNANCY AND FETUS”. But, we forget the pleasure of smoking makes problems that might arise due to the habit of smoking. In fact, not infrequently to forgo the convenience of people who do not smoke around us. We are sure you already know more details of various kinds of dangers of smoking. Cigarettes contain several thousand TAR and other toxic substances that cause a lot of disruption in the body, including cancer, diabetes, impotence, and others. In essence, we can not eliminate the smoking habit even though we already know the risks and dangers.

So what if we could eliminate most of the negative effects of smoking, but still with the same pleasure? Vaping is the answer you can buy here toko vape jakarta.


Maybe you often hear “Electric Cigarettes are dangerous!” “Thousands of chemicals with substances that are not clear it is dangerous to breathe!” Or “Electric Cigarette is not better than tobacco cigarettes”.
The controversy raised by the facts and there is no medical evidence that smoking tobacco is more aman..nyatanya? A big zero! Gossip!

Fact is sweet …

We may provide links on some of the results of medical studies electric cigarette … but we’re sure you are too lazy to read it, so we formulated only be a few reasons below why you better switch to vaping:

Vaping does not produce smoke, but steam
Smoking produces smoke which is a REST burning, while vaping liquid heats up to steam.
Vaping is much safer than tobacco cigarettes
When compared to tobacco cigarettes, vaping obviously much safer. Activities not breathe 4000an vaping harmful substances contained in tobacco cigarettes many of which cause cancer.
Vaping is more friendly to the wallet contents
Its a matter of simple really, 1 E-Liquid 10ml bottle which cost between 45-70 thousand dollars and could use for 4 days is cheaper than a heavy smoker who was able to spend 2 or more packs, cigarette burn to the point of defeat steam train!
In the process of Vaping, nicotine levels can be set
“Just wrote dong with tobacco cigarettes, both contain nicotine!” Wait a minute, the levels of nicotine in cigarette tobacco can not be changed, and the severity is there some other substances in cigarette tobacco mixed with nicotine so addictive greater . Nicotine levels gradually be reduced in the e-juice is the key to escape from nicotine addiction itself.
Vaping make clothes ga perforated, perforated pants, table on fire, house fire because he overslept ngerokok
Vaping make ga is issued because the smell of steam with a variety of flavors and fragrance .. (mo fragrant strawberry, vanilla, cherry, orange, and even watermelon?)
Vaping make ga cluttered desk as cigarette ash
No need to match borrowed (borrowed power most banks)
etc. .. etc. ..
Those who still want to read some of the articles, can be found here

BBC – E-cigarettes ‘help smokers to quit’
BBC – Electronic cigarettes’ could save millions of lives
Yahoo – Top Scientists warn of WHO not to stub out e-cigarettes
We can provide a lot of difference and other advantages that will make you want to read further. So our first break for a brief question and answer session.

So vaping is not dangerous at all?

We do not say that vaping is not dangerous. But vaping is much safer than cigarettes. I am sure, we all agree on these days no one thing that is risk free. Use of the wrong, the wrong sanitation can pose a risk.

He said the nicotine poison know. Ga fear?

Nicotine is poison. We also agree. Cough medicine can be toxic if not used in proper dosage. There are several tests were performed with a nicotine liquid that dripped onto the skin. Yes definitely be dangerous. Sleeping pills were dangerous if used carelessly. (Pssttt .. then why are cigarettes sold masi already know that nicotine is harmful?) Nicotine also has its own utility when used in appropriate doses, is not harmful to the body.

“In Humans, nicotine-induced improvement of rapid information processing is particularly subject Documented well …. Preliminary studies have found that some aspects of the cognitive deficits in Alzheimer’s disease can be attenuated by nicotine.” [Levin ED, “Nicotinic systems and cognitive function,” Psychopharmacology, 108 (4): 417-31, l992]

Dodge Gives Cheap Selling Tag Price For The Fastest Variant


Detroit Automakers goat head logo, Dodge, Challenger SRT has just launched a Hellcat. This car is claimed to be the most recent variant of the Dodge savage’ and powered.

Worldcarfans launch page, Thursday (17/07/2014), although it won the title as the fastest muscle car, Dodge Challenger confirm if priced at affordable’ the US $ 59,995

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat equip with engine capacity of 6.2 liter supercharged V8. The machine is capable of spraying up to 707 horsepower (HP) with torque of 880 Nm.

Carrying gahar machine, capable Challenger devour’ asphalt as far as 400 meters in 11.2 seconds at speeds of 201 km / h. When modified with special tires drag racing, muscle car is able to go faster on the same track, which is 10.8 seconds.

In addition to boosting the performance of the engine, the Dodge Challenger helped remodel the exterior side of the SRT Hellcat through embedding an aerodynamic body kit. Also installed additional air ducts on the hood to cool the engine components.

Not only equipped with machine savage, Dodge did not forget to work on the interior side of the Challenger SRT Hellcat. Alcantara upholstery combined with premium Nappa leather. For entertainment features, the Challenger SRT Hellcat using Uconnect infotainment system with touch screen measuring 8.4inches and a navigation system.

Xabi Alonso Stay in Madrid

Madrid: Joining Real Madrid Toni Kroos of Bayern Munich Napoli try to use. Sport Mediaset Espana Football as reported on Thursday (17/07/2014), claimed that the League Italian Serie A club will tempt Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso to take off.

As is known, Napoli coach Rafael Benitez and Xabi had worked in Liverpool. Therefore, it is expected to memafaatkan her past relationship was to invite Alonso move to Napoli.

However Inaki Ibanez, Xabi agent, has denied speculation his client will move to Napoli. He asserted that the 32-year-old will remain at the Santiago Bernabeu.

I want to deny rumors have been no talks with Napoli,” Ibanez said. They were never in touch with us. I can assure you that Xabi will stay with Real Madrid.”

Xabi moved to Madrid from Liverpool in the summer of 2009 five seasons to defend Madrid, he fell a part in providing La Liga trophy (1), the Copa del Rey (2), the Spanish Super Cup (1), and the Champions League (1).

Psy And Friends Concert in Singapore, September


SEOUL The company celebrated South Korean agency, YG Entertainment, will bring a number of talented artists and YG Family concert titled Galaxy Tour 2014: Power in Singapore in Singapore on 13 and 14 September 2014.

YG Family concert that will take place at the Indoor Stadium, Singapore is the result of cooperation with the YGE electronics company Samsung.

If the previous Big Bang and 2NE1 have ever gig in Singapore, but the upcoming concert will be a first for YG Family to greet fans in the lion country directly.

Psy Reportedly, the star of the new world to make a comeback with the release of a new song titled Hangoverresult of his collaboration with rapper Snoop Dogg will also enliven the YG Family concert.

Not only the Psy, YGE will also bring their flagship groups like Big Bang, 2NE1, and Epik High. Meanwhile rokie group that has not been officially debut YGE also be taken to complete the festive concert.

Bollywood Movie, Citylights Will Play in Germany


Citylights film starring Rajkumar Rao and Patralekha won praise from film critics in India. Not only that, the film is directed by Hansal Mehta is also achieved success at the box office.

Now, the film will be screened in the Indian Film Festival in Metropol Cinema, Stuttgart, Germany. As quoted Bollywoodlife, prestigious film festival will run from July 16 to July 20, 2014 and there are 40 more movie titles that will be shown during the event.

Citylights twisted the movie is of course very proud for the production house Fox Star Studio like any Bollywood film itself. Through this Citylight movie, expected to be familiar with the international world of Bollywood cinema.

Citylights film is a gripping drama that tells the story of a man who comes to the dream city with his wife and children. They migrated to the big city hoping to better his life. But what happened never imagined them. I believe they have to face a big city with all its challenges.

Citylights film starring the character actor Rajkumar Rao with co-star who is a lover in real life, Patralekha. Besides Rajkumar Rao and Patralekha, this film also starring Manav Kaul.